About Us


Hi. I’m Morgan johnny and I am the owner the pickatools.com. My hobby is blogging, travel, repairing and renovating different stuff made of wood, metal, plastic, and especially aluminum. What a feeling to give a new life to the rusted project. Really I love my profession.

I am the owner of pickatools.com and I talk about different product quality there.

The idea of LastingUse came to me while I was trying to pick up the right clear coat for the metal table’s top in my garage. And you know, it took an immense amount of time, effort and patience. Finally, I found what I was looking for but I got really tired and frustrated with the amount of time I wasted, although I really liked the final look of the table.

Clear coats and other metal treatment stuff may be kind of tricky to choose. You may be thinking that you just come to the nearest shop and pick up the first thing you see in front of you. Unfortunately, you are wrong: each product should be research before you pick the right one if you want to get the result that you really desire. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

I hope this site will help you avoid the mistakes I made and will save tons of your time. and if you want to talk with me contact