8 Bedroom Lighting Tips and Ideas

The bedroom must be the coziest room in the house, right? This is the place where you watch movies, read books, dress calmly and, most of all, sleep. So, everyone has a high desire to make their bedroom a special place.

Well, there are several ways to make your bedroom more special. Stunning bedroom lighting is one of the best ways to bring a special feeling.

Lighting also helps in creating the environment – a mix of functionality, beauty, and warmth. Besides, A well thought out lighting design will always keep your charming

Today, we are here to help you with bedroom lighting, we bring 8 tips to create the perfect environment for rest and leisure moments. Check out!

1. Calculate the size of the room

The first thing to note in any bedroom lighting project is the size of the room. Larger spaces naturally demand more light than smaller ones. But that does not mean that just increase the number of lamps scattered throughout the room and everything will be resolved.

If the location is more spacious, you can create more than one environment in it – where each one will have a different light proposal to meet the features designed for it. It is possible, for example, to set up a niche that is brighter for reading or studying and another with dim light for sleeping.

However, if it is not possible to make this variation, you can create a provision that resolves several issues in a single environment.

2. Distribute light sources strategically

Most of the people place a lamp in the center of the room. But this is not the actual way to light your room.

Install different points of light throughout the space – strategically positioned according to the purpose of the location. The idea is to ensure uniform lighting, able to enhance the angles of the environment, and increase the feeling of spaciousness.

An interesting tip is to use plaster moldings with built-in LED lamps. This technique contributes to more modern design.

3. Choose the right chandelier

If you choose a central chandelier, remember that it needs to reflect the style of the room’s decor.

Round and metallic chandeliers are appropriate for a modern line. If you want a more rustic atmosphere, prefer the wooden ones. But if romanticism sets the tone, crystal models are the most recommended and the best is that they fit perfectly in rooms decorated with wallpaper.

Also be careful in making the combination that which brings all the difference in the environment. It is also important to note whether these decorative items help to diffuse the lighting or if they focus it on a specific point.

The choice of the right chandelier needs to be made according to the needs of light distribution.

4. Use curtains and enjoy the natural light

A room that receives natural light is airier and can be a great option to save energy. However, in this case, it is worth investing in the placement of curtains, that enable a better dosage of light as well as guarantee the necessary privacy to space. After all, nothing is more annoying than waking up in the morning with sunlight on the face.

Another advantage that curtains offer is that, when carefully chosen, they collaborate aesthetically with the decoration of the room.

5. Opt for adjustable lights

There are several options of lamps and dimmer switches on the market, which allow the adjustment of light intensity. This option is perfect for adapting the brightness of the environment to the desired climate.

If you want to make the room more romantic and cozy, just decrease the intensity. On the other hand, increase the intensity while reading or making up for a part.

6. Pay special attention to the closet

It is necessary to place light bulbs next to the closet or inside the closet to facilitate the choices when it comes to getting ready!

Just be careful not to install them in places too close to the clothes. Remember, they can burn with the heat of the light. If this is unavoidable, you can opt for LED lamps, which do not generate heat and, consequently, would not damage the parts.

This is a solution that can be quite interesting also for very stuffy closets. This way, you don’t run the risk of “dying from the heat” or “sweating profusely” while getting ready.

7. Pay attention to surfaces that reflect light

A good light distribution project needs to pay attention to the position of the light points. Taking advantage of mirrors and other reflective surfaces to improve the lighting of the space can be an interesting resource. When we talk about natural light or diffuse and indirect lights, it is really beneficial.

On the other hand, the misplaced spotlight will create an annoying effect that occurs unexpected light reflection into a person’s eye. So be careful when choosing the position of your spotlight. The ideal is to do some tests from various angles.

8. Choose the correct lamp type

As we already mentioned in the text, hot lamps can burn your clothes. This is not, however, the only issue. The heat produced can raise the temperature of the environment. It is extremely inconvenient in naturally warmer places. On the contrary, it can be strategic in colder regions.

Another point you need is the color of the light. White is more focused on activities in which it is necessary to focus, such as working or reading. Yellow, on the other hand, brings a more cozy feeling and invites you to rest.

The yellow ones are usually more suitable for the room, but you can take the test to see which one you like best. If your case is to have a corner for reading, for example, you can also choose to put a white lamp in a specific lamp.

One idea that can add charm to the room’s lighting is the use of LED strips. Easy to apply – without the need to hire specialized professionals – they give you the possibility to use different colors to create incredible effects.

Finally set up this masterpiece lamp from Limelights to add more lighting effects.

“Limelights LT2024-BLK – Limelights Lamp”

Bedroom Lighting Tips

This lamp comes with a decent design with enough lighting power. The brush steel base makes it more attractive. The most unique feature is the charging outlet.

It is not only for the bedroom but also for office, kid’s room, nursery, etc. The dimensions of the lamp are 19.5 inches x 8.5 inches. You can get the lamp in different colors.

Another interesting feature is the pull chain on/off switch. It doesn’t consume huge space also looks perfect as a showpiece. The lamp requires one type A medium base 60W bulb.

It is not included with the lamp. Ultimately, this lamp lacks nothing to become a masterpiece.

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