10 Best Dremel Tool for Jewelry Making 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A good Dremel tool is very important for both professional and hobbyist jewelry makers. It makes your job easier. It can be used to cut, carve, engrave, drill, clean, polish, smoothen, and grind pieces of jewelry for a perfect finish. 

Choosing the best Dremel tool for jewelry making can be a tough task especially for first-timers since there are hundreds of them in the market. You have to decide whether you need a cordless or corded Dremel tool.

You don’t have to worry because this article is meant to help you make a good choice that will be worth your investment. We have selected quality Dremel tools after 72 hours of research.

A thorough review of each of these tools will be made so you know their features, pros, and cons. It takes just a few minutes to go through this article. Read on as we review the 10 best Dremel tools for making beautiful jewelry.

There is also a buyer’s guide to help you know what to consider before purchasing a Dremel tool. Let’s get started. 

Our picks of the Best Dremel tool for Jewelry Making

Image Name PriceFeature
Best Electric Rotary Tool For Jewelry MakingDremel4000-6/50-FF
(Hight Sale)
Check Price*Powerful motor
*Exceptional airflow system
*Genuine accessories and attachments
Best Cordless Rotary Tool For Jewelry MakingDremel 8220-1/28 Check Price *Compact and powerful
*Ergonomic body
Best Mid Sized Corded Precision Rotary Tool For Jewelry MakingDremel 2050 Check Price *Versatile tool
*Excellent grip
*Works quietly
Best Small Rotary Tool For Jewelry MakingDremel 200 Check Price *2-speed setting
*Light and powerful
Best Small Cordless Rotary Tool For Jewelry MakingDremel 8050 Check Price *Variable speed
*Solid rechargeable battery
*Docking station
High performance rotary tool  Dremel 4200 Check Price *EZ Change System
*Consistent power
*Carrying case
Best Dremel for engraving stone Dremel 4300 Check Price *1.8 amp motor
*Variable speed
*Pivot light
Best Dremel for wood carving Dremel 4000-4/34 Check Price *Excellent performance
*Airflow system
Best Dremel for wood carving Dremel 3000 Check Price *Ergonomic design
*Strong motor
*Airflow system
Best Rotary Tool Kit for BeginnersDremel 100 Check Price *Comfortable design
*Cool operation
*Compact and light

1. Dremel 4000-6/50-FF Review – Excellent Electric Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

Best Electric Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

If you are looking for a frustration-free way to handle your jewelry making business, the Dremel 4000-6/50-FF is the versatile tool to choose. Amongst the 4000 tool options, the Dremel 4000-6/50 is the most preferred.

This rotary tool helps you to get the job done in less time. It is highly versatile. This is a multi-tool that brings ease to your life.

It comes with different attachments such as 2 high-speed cutters, 1 engraving cutter, 1 multipurpose cutting bit, circle cutter, shield attachment, 2 aluminum oxide grinding wheels, 2 aluminum oxide grinding stones, 1 silicon carbide grinding stone, 1 nylon bristle brush and more. 


  • Powerful motor – This tool has a high-performance motor that produces maximum power and performance at different speeds.
    It has a variable speed of between 5,000 to 35,000 RPM with auto power and speed adjustment that helps to deliver evenly in the most demanding projects
  • Exceptional airflow system – To prevent the buildup of heat, the tool is built with a ventilation system that makes the machine to stay cool to operate quietly and smoothly
  • Genuine accessories and attachments – The kit comes with 50 accessories and 5 attachments. Some of the accessories include shaping platform, lawnmower, garden tool sharpener, multipurpose cutting kit, a straight edge guide, circle cutter, and more.
  • Versatile and mobile
  • Stays charged even when not in use
  • Stays cool with the airflow system
  • High-performance motor
  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Bulky and heavy

2. Dremel 8220-1/28 Review – Cordless Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

Best Cordless Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

The Dremel 8220 rotary tool provides you with the best versatility and performance. This cordless rotary tool comes with a high performing motor with maximum power at different speed levels.

It gives you the advantage of using the available accessories and attachments to complete different kinds of projects.

The ergonomic design of a 360-degree grip makes it easy to control no matter the position. With a 12V Max Lithium battery, you don’t have to worry about power. The speed range is between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM.

With one attachment and 28 accessories, this is the ideal Dremel tool for the easy cutting, polishing, wood carving, and sanding of objects. It is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Compact and powerful – The tool is compact and portable which makes it perfect for easy movement from one place to another. It also comes with a maximum power of 12V Lithium battery for an excellent performance.
  • Versatile – There is a lot of versatility and convenience that comes with the Dremel 8220. With one attachment and 28 accessories, you don’t have any issues with completing any projects.
  • Ergonomic body – The ergonomic design of this tool makes it easy to control and handle. It comes with a 360-degree grip zone to reach difficult areas. 
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful battery life
  • Removable battery
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Maximum performance
  • A bit pricey
  • Decent battery life

3. Dremel 2050 Review – Mid Sized Corded Precision Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

Best Mid Sized Corded Precision Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

The Dremel 2050 Stylo+ is a sleek and lightweight tool made for crafts and art projects. Its ergonomic design makes for convenient handling and use.

It comes with a soft grip and narrow profile which makes it comfortable for the etching, engraving, polishing, and sanding to make nice handmade projects.

You can accomplish different creative applications such as glass etching and jewelry making, wood engraving, and leather burnishing, and many more with this tool.

With a variable speed of between 5,000 and 22,000 RPM, you can perfectly work on different craft applications with optimal speed control.

This tool is specifically made for extended use because of its slim and lightweight design. It has a 2-year warranty.


  • Versatile tool – The versatility of the Dremel 2050 Stylo+ is unparalleled. It is capable of handling different craft projects with the utmost ease. It can be used for craft projects such as jewelry making, polishing, woodworking, glass etching, leather burnishing, and a lot more.
  • Excellent grip – The tool is easy to handle for extended use. No fatigues; no pains. Its lightweight design coupled with a narrow profile makes it a comfortable tool 
  • Works quietly – This tool is designed for home use because of its compact and quiet motor. It fits well in your hand with a noiseless operation advantage.  
  • Quiet operation
  • Great variable speed
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Versatile and powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Poorly-written instruction

4. Dremel 200 Review – Small Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

Best Small Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

The Dremel 200 comes with a 2-speed setting of 15,000 and 35,000 RPM. The setting can be made with the twist of a switch. This makes it easy to be adjusted to a suitable speed that you are comfortable with to perform operations on different projects.

The tool remains cool even after being used for a long time. It comes with 1 attachment and 15 accessories to give you the versatility and creativity you need to complete many applications. Its lightweight and compact design make it suitable for extended use.

The ergonomic design makes it convenient and comfortable to handle. This tool runs quietly with a ball bearing motor that works smoothly and coolly.


  • 2-speed setting – With the two-speed setting of 15,000 and 35,000 RPM, you can make use of the low-speed setting for applications that require cleaning while the high-speed setting can be used for sanding, cutting and routing applications.
  • Light and powerful – The compact and lightweight design of the tool makes it easy to handle and control. Since it is portable and light in weight, it becomes super easy to move around.
  • Versatile – The accessories and attachments make the tool very versatile for the completion of complex projects. Some of the components include lawnmower and garden tool sharpener, silicon carbide grinding stone, heavy-duty Emery cut-off wheel, high-speed cutter, aluminum oxide grinding stone, and more.  
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Strong ball bearing motor
  • Very handy
  • No carrying case
  • No on/off speed control

5. Dremel 8050 Review – Small Cordless Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

Best Small Cordless Rotary Tool For Jewelry Making

The Dremel 8050 is suitable for hobbyists and homeowners. It is also perfect for light DIY projects. With this tool, you can easily cut, grind, engrave, sharpen, clean, grind, polish, and sand your jewelry metal.

The Dremel Micro has a good grip that makes it easy to control and maneuver. It is powered by an 8V lithium-ion battery that can withstand extended use. There are 5 stages of speed adjustment from 5,000 to 25,000 RPM. The speed that you set can be seen with the 5-stage LED scale.

Its speed control makes it very user-friendly. To aid visibility, the tool is built with LED lights into the nose cap. Dremel 8050 has light indicators for the battery level.

Anytime the battery level reaches its capacity, the docking station stops charging automatically. It comes with 18 accessories.


  • Variable speed – The variable speed has an LED dial for easy indication. This tool has a variable speed of 5,000 and 25,000 RPM. 
  • Solid rechargeable battery – The battery provides high performance with an 8V Lithium-ion battery that runs for a longer period. 
  • Docking station – The docking station continues to charge the tool until it is fully charged. It has an indicator that makes it possible for you to know when the tool needs to be recharged. 
  • Excellent precision
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built-in lights for visibility
  • Battery level indicator
  • Easy to operate
  • The battery takes 3 and a half hours for a full charge.

6. Dremel 4200 review – High-performance rotary tool

High performance rotary tool

If you are looking for a Dremel jewelry making tool, choose the Dremel 4200. The Dremel4200 is an extremely versatile rotary tool for sharpening, cutting, cleaning, polishing, sanding, carving, and engraving of jewelry material. With the EZ Change System, attachments and accessories can be quickly changed with ease.

The tool performs at maximum power with its 1.6 amp motor. There is enough power no matter the speed level.

This tool is compatible with existing attachments and accessories for the accomplishment of a wide range of tasks. It comes with 36 accessories and 4 attachments for versatility and ease. The variable speed is from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM.

With an ergonomically designed body, the Dremel 4200 is easy to handle with a 360-degree grip for extended usage. It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • EZ Change System – The EZ Change System makes it easy to change accessories without the use of a wrench. This quick-change mechanism makes life easier and convenient
  • Consistent power – No matter the variable speed, the tool delivers consistent power from the 1.6 amp motor.
  • Carrying case – You don’t have to worry about having tools, attachments, and accessories scattered all over the place. With a carrying case, you can have all of them in one place making it easy to carry. 
  • Standalone on/off switch
  • Variable speed comes with speed adjustment
  • Ergonomically-designed body for easy control, comfort and convenience
  • 1.6 amp motor provides consistent power
  • No need to use a wrench to change accessories
  • It overheats sometimes
  • It is a bit pricey

7. Dremel 4300 review – Dremel for engraving stone

Best Dremel for engraving stone

If you are looking for Dremel rotary tool that comes with more power and performance, the Dremel 4300 is your best bet. It is portable, light, and compact. This tool is well designed for comfortable handling in case of extended usage.

Changing of accessories is tool-less meaning accessories can be changed with ease without tools or collet. The noise level is decent compared to other models.

It has a variable speed of 5,000 and 35,000 RPM. With 8 amp motor, you will expect more power and performance to complete a wide range of projects. It comes with a built-in pivot light for the illumination of the working area for improved visibility.

9 attachments and 64 accessories make this tool perfect for different projects such as engraving, wood carving, grinding, sanding, cutting, and routing. This is a great jewelry kit. 


  • 1.8 amp motor – For improved efficiency and power, the Dremel 4300 is equipped with 1.8 amp motor for excellent performance with a wide variety of projects.
  • Variable speed – When it comes to variable speed rotary tools, speed is an important factor. This tool is not like others that have just low and high speed. The Dremel 4300 has 5,000 and 35,000 RPM to handle a myriad of projects. 
  • Pivot light – You don’t have to worry even if you are working in the dark. The pivoting light provides exceptional illumination to great visibility when working in dark areas. The light is bright enough for enhanced visibility.
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • More powerful motor
  • Extremely durable
  • 360 degrees comfortable grip
  • Compatible with different Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Very expensive
  • Bulky carrying case

8. Dremel 4000-4/34 review – Good Dremel for wood carving

Best Dremel for wood carving

The Dremel 4000-4/34 rotary tool is designed for cutting, sharpening, carving, engraving, cleaning, polishing, cleaning, grinding, and sanding. The electronic feedback with the 1.6 amp motor guarantees superior performance at all times.

There is auto speed and power adjustment to fit your requirement. You don’t need a wrench to change accessories with the EZ Twist. The tool works with other Dremel rotary tool attachments and accessories.

There is a standalone on/off switch for easy control. It comes with 34 accessories and 4 attachments for greater versatility. The variable speed is 5,000 and 35,000 RPM.   


  • Excellent performance – No matter the speed. This tool provides exceptional performance and power. The 1.6 amp motor provides enough power to complete your projects
  • Airflow system – There is no heat buildup because of the ventilation system that dissipates heat and makes it work smoothly and quietly
  • Versatile – With 34 accessories and 4 attachments, this tool is versatile enough to complete tasks such as cutting, sanding, engraving, drilling, and polishing, etc.   
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful motor
  • Speed dial with on/off switch
  • Cool and quiet operation
  • Great ventilation system
  • A bit expensive
  • Gets hot sometimes

9. Dremel 3000 review – Rotary Tool Kit for Beginners

Best Dremel for wood carving

The Dremel 3000 is a workhorse for non-professionals who handle their projects at home. It comes with 6 variable speeds for greater performance and versatility.

Its variable speed is 5,000 and 35,000 RPM and it is easy to control. The operation is cool and quiet because of the ventilation system. With 1.2 amp motor, Dremel 3000 delivers maximum performance and power at different speed levels.

The 28 accessories bring a lot of versatility that you need to perform different tasks such as cutting, engraving, cleaning, polishing, grinding, and more.


  • Ergonomic design – The slim design makes it easy to handle for longer use. Handling is comfortable with the 360 degrees to grip zone.
  • Strong motor – The 1.2 amp motor provides power and efficiency to complete your projects at all speeds with less lag. 
  • Airflow system – It is built with a ventilation system that prevents heat and makes the tool perform quietly and smoothly.
  • Ventilation mechanism
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Compact and durable
  • Easy handling
  • Near-silent operation
  • It is corded

10. Dremel 100 review – Dremel for wood carving (Beginner)

Best Rotary Tool Kit for Beginners

If you are looking for an affordable Dremel rotary tool for your projects, we recommend you go for the Dremel 100. Though it has a single speed, this tool still offers some level of versatility.

It is designed to handle different applications such as sanding, drilling, and cutting. The tool can also be used for slotting, shaping, hallowing, and grooving. It can also be used to create tapered holes in woods, metals, and plastics.

The tool is very basic but provides speed at 35,000 RPM. Its operation is smooth and quiet. It is comfortable to use for a longer period because of its light design. This is the right Dremel for beginners. 


  • Comfortable design – It is comfortable to handle because of its ergonomic design. There is no hand fatigue even if the tool is used for a longer time.
  • Cool operation – It operates smoothly and quietly since it is made with ball bearing. Noise is brought to its barest minimum for optimum and effective performance.
  • Compact and light – The compact design makes it handy to use. It is lightweight making it easy to be transported from one place to another.
  • Great performance
  • Light and comfortable
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Affordable
  • Consistent power
  • Basic tool
  • Limited power

Buyer’s guide

Choosing a good Dremel tool is not difficult like other tools. Each Dremel tool is made for different purposes to accomplish different projects too. So, care must be taken when choosing a particular Dremel tool.

To choose the best Dremel tool for jewelry making, we have made this buyer’s guide to help you choose a tool that is fit for your type of project. Feel free to go through the buyer’s guide for an informed choice.

Projects you want to use the tool for

Before you buy any Dremel tool, you must think of the project you want to use the tool for. If you are thinking of a very versatile project, then, you have to look for a versatile tool like the Dremel 4300. If the project is very basic, you can go for the Dremel 100.

Accessories and attachments

Different Dremel tools have attachments and accessories. This can make it a bit difficult to choose the right tool for your type of project. Whenever you want to make a choice, you must check out the accessories and attachments if they will be useful for your project. If they are not useful, you can move to the next product.

Variable speed

Dremel tools come with different variable speeds. Don’t choose a tool with one and two variable speeds. Choose one from six speeds. Most of the tools have a variable speed of 5,000 to 35,000 RPM.

Ventilation system

Rotary tools can get hot after extended use. To prevent the hotness of the tool, look for a Dremel tool with a ventilation system. The ones with a ventilation system run smoothly and quietly.


Your budget matters when you want to buy a tool. Make a good budget for a multipurpose Dremel tool so you can be versatile and expand your creativity. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you polish jewelry with a Dremel tool?

Answer: Jewelry can get tarnish over time. When jewelry loses luster, you have to use a Dremel tool to restore the luster. This is how to go about it.

Tools you need

  • Felt bobs
  • Felt wheels
  • Paper towels
  • Nail polish remover or acetone
  • Buffing compound
  • Jeweler’s rogue
  • Tripoli polishing compound
  • 220 and 400 grit emery cloth
  • Dremel tool (hand-held rotary grinder)
Step 1

Use the 220 and 400 grit emery cloth to remove heavy scratching and sand it with your hand

Step 2

Remove the light scratches and marks caused by the 400 emery cloth by using the Tripoli polishing compound and felt bobs right inside the jewelry

Step 3

On the outside of the jewelry, use the Tripoli polishing compound and felt wheels

Step 4

Change to felt wheels and bobs. Use the jeweler’s rogue to polish the jewelry until it starts to have a mirror finish

Step 5

Use paper towels and nail polish remover or acetone to clean residue all around the jewelry. Use the polishing cloth to seriously rub the jewelry for a neat and clean finish.  

Do all Dremel accessories fit all Dremels?

Answer: Yes and no. All Dremel attachments can work with Dremel rotary tools but not all attachments will work effectively.  

Is there any difference between the Dremel 3000 and 4000?

Answer: The two tools are similar in some ways. Dremel 4000 is better controlled than the 3000 version. These tools work with the same collets and attachments. The 4000 version has an on/off switch for easy control. Damage to the tool can be prevented with on/off switch.

If I want to buy a Dremel rotary tool for the first time, what tool should I buy?

Answer: This is a difficult question. But if you want to buy a Dremel rotary tool for the first time, you should ask yourself if you want to use the tool every day. If you will be using it every day, it makes sense to use a higher-end tool like the Dremel 4300, 4200 or 4000.

Final Words

Choosing a Dremel tool can be challenging after reading this article. But the tool you choose will depend on your type of project you have. If it is a versatile project that needs a lot of power, we advise you to choose the Dremel 4300. If it is a light project, go for the Dremel 8050.

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