10+ Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics 2021 – Honest Review & Buyer’s Guide

Mechanics make use of their hands more often. This leaves their hands very dirty with geese and oil. Regular cleaners are not able to wash these hands clean. But what is the best cleaner for mechanics? This is what we are about to reveal in this article. 

Most mechanics have lost the hope of having clean and soft hands due to the use of inferior cleaners out there. But there are cleaners specially made for mechanics to wash their hands clean.

The problem here is how to make the right choice so you don’t waste your money on substandard cleaners. You don’t have to worry. We are going to help you make a good choice that will make you happy. 

In this article, we shall be reviewing some products after we have done 72 hours of extensive research of the best hand cleaners for mechanics. Here are the selected 10 cleaners to help you make an informed choice.

Why Needs Best Cleaner for Mechanics

We have already said a brief why we need the best hand cleaner. As a mechanic, it is very difficult to take proper care of the hand accurately. Even then, for proper care of your hands, it is also necessary to use the best hand cleaner to protect your skin at the end of the work.

We know how difficult it is to get rid of grease, chemical oils after doing industrial or mechanical work. Kerosene based hand cleaner is not very effective in removing grease from your hands completely.

Properly, if you do not clean these unwanted things, then you may have to deal with various health issues later. There is also the possibility of your hands being dry and damaged. 

So the best cleaner is much more useful than ordinary soap, kerosene based hand cleaner. It effectively cleans your hands and gives the best result.

How do You Clean Dirty Mechanic Hands?

There are some things to keep in mind when washing your dirty hands properly after finishing your work, and I am suggesting a video to make it easier to understand, which will help you a lot more in the field of easy understanding.

Our Picks of The Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics – Comparison Table

best hand cleaner for auto mechanicsGOJO NATURALCheck Price0.96 ounces10
what's the best hand cleaner for mechanicGrip CleanCheck Price8 ounces10
best hand cleaner for car mechanicsGrip CleanCheck Price4 pounds10
best hand cleaner for car mechanics GOJO NATURALCheck Price0.010 ounces10
best hand cleaner for car mechanics indiaGrip CleanCheck Price10.5 pounds9.5
best waterless hand cleaner for mechanicsPermatex 23122Check Price15.8 ounces9.0
best hand cleaner for auto mechanicsZep Cherry BombCheck Price3.13 pounds9.0
best waterless hand cleaner for mechanics Permatex 25122Check Price15.8 ounces9.0
best hand cleaner for mechanicsPermatex 23218Check Price8.36 pounds8.5

1. Gojo Hand Cleaner – Natural Orange Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner

best hand cleaner for auto mechanics

Stubborn dirt has no way with this hand cleaner. Gojo Hand Cleaner removes dirt, oil and grime with ease leaving your hands sparkling clean. It contains no harmful solvents making it safe and healthy for the skin.

This solution is not only recommended for mechanics but also ideal for construction workers, carpenters, welders, painters and contractors.

When you find yourself at the workshop or construction site, this hand cleaner will always come in handy. It can also be used to clean oily and greasy surfaces making it the best hand cleaner for grease.


  • Safe to use – This is a lotion-type hand cleaner that is very safe to use. It improves the health of the skin because it is made from harmless solvents and skin conditioners.
  • Heavy-duty cleaner – The pumice hand cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner that washes off dirt, grease and oil from your hands and surfaces no matter how stubborn.
  • Improves your skin – Your skin health is very important. This is what this cleaner helps you to achieve. It enhances the condition of your skin
  • Removes contaminants – Contaminants can put your skin in danger. Pumice hand cleaner removes contaminants quickly and easily thereby leaving your skin looking healthy
  • Strong formulation – It is made with Pumice scrubbing particles to effectively clean oil, dirt and grease.
  • Easy to use
  • Smells fine
  • Leave your skin looking radiant
  • Quick action
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Not suitable for laundry

2. Grip Clean Amazon Pumice Hand Cleaner

what's the best hand cleaner for mechanic

It is high you leave behind you all those chemical-based hand cleaners and go for a natural formula. The Grip Clean Hand Cleaner is made for auto mechanics that cherish their hands. It is safe and healthy. This hand soap provides deep cleaning and also moisturizes the skin.

The unique formulation makes use of absorbent bentonite clay with high concentrations of both coconut and olive oils. This product is not only good for the hands; it is also suitable for the whole body.

The solution is excellent for the removal of grease, oil, inks, metals, odours and stains leaving your hands smooth and soft.


  • All-natural formulation – Grip Clean Pumice hand cleaner is made for workers with dry and cracked hands. It is made for people with sensitive skin with coconut oil moisturizer.
  • All skin type – This hand cleaner is made for all skin types. It is suitable for mechanics, painters and construction workers
  • Safe to use – It is safe and healthy to use the hand cleaner on delicate skins suffering from eczema and dermatitis
  • Healthy – Apart from being safe, the hand cleaner is also healthy to use. It is made with no harmful solvents or detergents that could put your skin at risk
  • Quick action – This is a quick-acting formula that easily and quickly degreases and removes oils, grease, inks and more.
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Heavy-duty
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Fights odours
  • Deep cleaning
  • Difficult to remove dried paint

3. Grip Clean Pumice 64oz – Best Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics

best hand cleaner for car mechanics

If you want a hand cleaner that is free from harsh chemicals and solvents; this product is your best choice. It is made with a natural formula to enhance your skin.

The hand cleaner is made with cosmetic-grade bentonite clay that helps to exfoliate the skin as it removes dirt, grease, oil and grime.

This is one gallon of quantity making it ideal for the commercial garage. With this solution, you do not need a scrubber or brush to remove grease and grime off your hands if you choose this hand cleaner.

It is mild and safe enough to use on the entire body and face. This automotive hand cleaner is tough on stubborn grease and dirt.


  • Heavy-duty – The ultra heavy-duty formula is an excellent best hand cleaner for auto mechanics, painters for removing paints and construction workers. It removes stubborn grease and grime with ease
  • Biodegradable – This is not just a biodegradable and waterless hand cleaner, it is also petroleum solvent-free making it safe to use. 
  • Top-quality – Hand cleaners are not the same. This hand cleaner stands out from the rest because it is made from the highest quality cosmetic-grade walnut shell scrubber to take care of the toughest cleaning jobs
  • No hand cracks – It does not leave your hands dry or cracks. It moisturizes and makes your skin look healthy
  • Wonderful smell – If you want a hand cleaner that does not contain artificial fragrance, this hand soap will be your ideal choice. It is scented with pure lime essential oil for a natural fragrance.
  • Cleans and moisturizes the clean
  • Chemical and solvent-free formulation
  • Smells nice
  • Good for all skin types
  • Does not dry or crack the skin
  • None

4. GOJO Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

best hand cleaner for car mechanics

The quick-acting lotion hand cleaner cleans without the use of harsh solvents that are dangerous to health. It is effective in the removal of grease, dirt, oil and grime.

This hand soap is made with pumice scrubbers to thoroughly clean your hands leaving them well moisturized and healthy.

It is also great for the cleaning and removal of residues from surfaces. Removal of stains and grease on fabrics is easy with the hand cleaner. The scent is natural and very pleasant.

You can use the solution without water. After every wash, your hands are left soft and supple. 


  • Quick-acting formula – This lotion hand cleaner contains pumice scrubber to adequately clean your hands. It is effective and does not irritate the skin
  • Natural ingredients – The hand cleaner is safe and healthy to use. It is made of all-natural ingredients. No chemicals; no solvents
  • Good for the skin – No skin irritations with this hand soap. It moisturizes your skin making it look beautiful
  • +500 washes – With more than 500 washes, this hand cleaner is very cost-effective and lasts longer than other brands. Just a little quantity works magic 
  • Natural scent – No artificial scent. The hand cleaner is made with a natural scent that lasts longer making your hands smell fine every time. 
  • Pleasant scent
  • Excellent grease and oil removal
  • 100% vegetarian-safe
  • No cracking or drying of the skin
  • Affordable
  • None

5. Grip Clean Wall Mounted Shop – Mechanic Soap Dispenser

best hand cleaner for car mechanics india

This is a wall-mounted hand cleaner with dispenser kit made for auto mechanic workshops, garages and industrial applications.

The 4000ML refill Grip Clean Hand Cleaner comes with finger brush, suction cups and mounting hardware for easy installation.

It is everything you need to set up a soap dispenser at your workshop. When it comes to design, it looks appealing in any workshop.

After purchasing this hand cleaner, all you need is to refill it each time the content is finished.

The refill cartridges are interchangeable making refill extremely easy and convenient. Grip Clean heavy-duty formula is waterless and made without harmful solvents or chemicals making it safe and healthy for your skin.

It has been twice concentrated making it more potent than other brands to eliminate the risk of dry and crack skin. This product is highly recommended for mechanic shops and garages. It has a refreshing natural scent.


  • Wall-mounted – The Grip Clean hand cleaner with dispenser kit is the perfect choice for away-from-home settings such as mechanic workshops, garage and industrial environment. 
  • Heavy-duty – This is waterless hand soap with a heavier duty formula designed for auto mechanics for the removal of tough dirt, grease, oil and grime. It is also perfect for painters for the removal of paints.
  • Attractive design – The 2-jug design is made for convenience. It looks appealing in any work environment.
  • Strong formula – With 2x more concentration, the hand cleaner is more effective than other brands out there.
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Eliminates odours
  • More than 1000+ washes
  • Comes with a scrub brush
  • Softens the hands
  • A bit expensive

6. Permatex Hand Cleaner – Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

best waterless hand cleaner for mechanics

Get sticky oils, paints, adhesives, grease and grime off your hands quickly the Permatex 23122 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner. It is the right product needed by mechanics to clean their hands after a long day at work. This product leaves your hands well moisturize thereby giving you healthy skin.

The formula is waterless, biodegradable and petroleum solvent-free. Permatex 23122 hand cleaner contains pumice as an exfoliate to remove stubborn grease, oil and other chemicals that stick to your hands. It works on the toughest of stains. This is the best mechanic hand cleaner.  


  • Tough on dirt – Made with both pumice and soap particles, the hand cleaner is tough enough on any stubborn dirt 
  • Safe and healthy – The skin conditioners such as lanolin, aloe and glycerin added to this product is safe and healthy. It moisturizes the skin and prevents the drying and cracking of the skin
  • Versatile – This is not just a hand cleaner. It can be used for other purposes such as cleaning of tile floors, dispelling of pet odors and removal of laundry stains
  • Great scent – The natural citrus scent makes this hand cleaner stand out. It scents natural thereby lasting longer than other brands with artificial scents.   
  • Mild on the skin
  • Smoothens crack hands
  • Waterless and biodegradable
  • Natural and pure smell
  • Free of harmful solvents
  • None

7. Zep Cherry Bomb Hand Cleaner

best hand cleaner for auto mechanics

Zep is an all-purpose cleaner that delivers satisfactory results back to back. It is the ideal solution to meet your cleaning needs such as hand cleaner, air care, automotive maintenance, degreasers, disinfectants, glass cleaners, pest control, hard floor cleaning, outdoor cleaning, septic and plumbing care, restroom and specialty cleaning.

The fresh and sweet cherry scent lasts for a long time to keep your hands smelling fine all day long. This is the best hand soap for mechanics. 


  • Moisturizes – The hand cleaner is well formulated to moisturize your skin. This helps the skin not to crack or dry
  • Unique formula – No matter how hard or deep the dirt is, the unique formula used in designing the hand cleaner will remove it effortlessly. It removes stubborn grease, adhesives, paints and more
  • Natural fragrance – It comes with natural scent making it better than other brands made with artificial scent
  • Excellent hand wash – With natural pumice scrubbers, this hand cleaner scrubs away grime and grease with ease.
  • Smells good
  • Safe to use
  • Does not dry or crack the skin
  • Easily removes oils, grease and dirt
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • A bit pricey

8. Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

best waterless hand cleaner for mechanics

If you looking for a biodegradable and waterless hand cleaner, the Permatex 25122 Hand Cleaner is highly recommended. This mechanic soap is solvent-free and formulated without harsh chemicals or ammonia.

Prepared with glycerin, lanolin, aloe and other skin conditioners, the hand cleaner moisturizes and makes your skin look healthy.

It smoothens up rough hands and does not cause dry or crack hands. The pumice cleans the toughest dirt no matter where it is hidden. This product works well on tile floors, odours, grease, grime, oils and also serves other cleaning needs in the home


  • Non-toxic – This hand soap is safe to use. It contains no harmful toxins making it healthy for the skin
  • Natural smell – It is made with natural citrus to have a long-lasting scent making it better than other products with artificial fragrances
  • Multi-purpose – The hand cleaner can be used for multipurpose uses such as on tile floors, scuff marks, pet odours, removal of ink, oil, dirt and grime
  • Good for the skin – Formulated with different skin conditioners, the hand soap helps to moisturize the skin and smoothens rough skin.
  • Dispels pet odours
  • Biodegradable and waterless
  • Petroleum solvent-free
  • Nice smell
  • Good for rough skin
  • Not good for fabrics

10. Permatex 23218 – Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Smooth

best hand cleaner for mechanics

If you regularly work with grease, paint, oils, toner or you have been working around the house, this hand soap is made for you. The formula is biodegradable and waterless.

It contains non-toxic ingredients making it safe and healthy for the skin. This hand soap is very appealing with the natural citrus smell that lasts longer.

Permatex 23218 is fortified with glycerin, lanolin and some other skin conditioners to make your hands look clean and attractive. It comes with a pump so you can easily squeeze out the liquid. This is an excellent hand soap for every mechanic workshop and household.


  • Skin-friendly – The hand cleaner has a mixture of some skin conditioners to make your skin smooth. It prevents crack and dry skin
  • Biodegradable – We all love to have a safe environment. The package is biodegradable making it environmentally-friendly
  • Multiple applications – This hand soap can be applied in many ways which include the cleaning of resins, oils, tar, grease, ink, epoxies, paint, rubber cement and more
  • Lovely fragrance – It leaves a lovely fragrance after each application. The natural citrus smell makes the hand cleaner a must-have. 
  • Appealing smell
  • Nontoxic
  • Makes the skin smooth
  • Waterless and biodegradable
  • Comes with a pump
  • none

Buyer’s guide

A hand cleaner is a must-have for mechanics, painters, printers and welders. Before purchasing the best hand cleaner for mechanics, there are some things to consider. Below are the factors to consider.


The very first thing to consider if you want to get a hand cleaner for yourself is the ingredients used in making the hand soap. You don’t want to buy a product made with harsh solvents and chemicals.

Choose a hand cleaner made of all-natural ingredients. The ingredients should include pumice, olive oil, glycerin, lemon or orange.

Degreasing power

Finding a hand cleaner made with all-natural ingredients is not enough. It is important to find out how powerful the hand cleaner is when it comes to degreasing. A well-fortified hand cleaner should remove grease and grime with just one application.

You don’t have to apply it twice or many times to make your hands clean. This is why you have to specifically look for a product made with pumice scrubbers to eliminate grease effortlessly

Size of the hand cleaner

The size of the gallon or container matters. There is a 1 gallon, 0.5 gallon and other smaller sizes. If you are a frequent user especially if you have a mechanic workshop, it makes sense to purchase one gallon.

It is cost-effective but if you are not a frequent user, you can go for a smaller size that meets your needs. Also, look for something that is within your budget


You would want your hand cleaner to smell fine. As such, you will have to look for a hand soap with an appealing smell. There are different fragrances to choose from. Choose one that you like. Pick a product with natural fragrance since the artificial scent does not last long.


Choose a hand cleaner that does more than just hand cleaner. It should be able to remove stains on fabrics, clean hard floors, and eliminate bad odours, clean glasses and surfaces.


Your hand cleaner should be able to moisturize. As such, it should include some skin conditioners that eliminate the dryness and cracking of the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must I use a brush with a hand cleaner?

Answer: It is not compulsory to use a brush with your hand cleaner if the hand soap is made with pumice scrubbers. But you may need to use a brush to scrub hidden dirt or grease in and around your fingernails

Which product is the best hand cleaner for mechanics?

Answer: It all depends on your needs. There are cleaners made for just the washing of hands and some others are general-purpose cleaners. Your choice will depend on what you want the cleaner to do for you. 

Is it safe to use hand cleaner at home?

Answer: Yes, it is very safe to use hand cleaner at home especially if you have pets. Hand soaps dispel foul odours and can be used to clean the hard floors. Check the product label to make sure the ingredients are safe. It must not contain ammonia, petroleum solvents and another form of harsh chemicals

What ingredients should be avoided?

Answer: Avoid hand cleaners made with artificial scent, petroleum solvents and ammonia.

Benefits of hand cleaners for mechanics

A hand cleaner is an essential item for mechanics. After working on a project successfully, you need a hand cleaner to clean your hands thoroughly and leave your hands with a good smell. Here are the benefits of hand cleaners for mechanics.

  1. It makes your hands clean and moisturizes your skin
  2. Helps to remove grease and grime pretty fast compared to the normal hand soap
  3. It is mild and safe on your skin

Final Word

Our 10 best hand cleaner for mechanics review provide different options for you. Any of these products will satisfactorily do a good job. All the products are safe and healthy. But we recommend any of the Gojo or Permatex hand cleaners.

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