5 Best Vinyl Dye Review 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

There is no replacement for a new painting to give your old car interior a great look, but the problem arises when there are many who are incapable of matching the color of the car interior or exterior with their vinyl dye. If we go to say this in the shortcut, then you are suffering from a kind of problem with the best vinyl dye. This article will help you a lot.

Our specialists have come up with a review of the five best vinyl, including the user experience, review of each vinyl, and considering all aspects, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each product, which will help you a lot to find the vinyl dye that suits you easily.

ColorBond - Refinisher Spray for Leather ColorBond – Refinisher
Spray for Leather
*Showroom outlook.
*Great for Multipurpose works.
*Creat Durable Coating
on the Surfaces.
Latest Price
2. Rust-Oleum - Automotive Fabric & Rustoleum Vinyl Spray Paint Rust-Oleum
*Premium Quality with Budgets Price.
*Extra coating Protects your
surface from cracking and flaking.
*Working on Various Surface.
Latest Price
Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Paint ReviewDuplicolor Vinyl &
Fabric Paint Review
*Easy to store.
*Smooth Blende with
*Easy to Painting.
Latest Price
4. White Marine Vinyl Coat - Sem Marine Vinyl Coat Review SEM White Marine
Vinyl Coat
*Easy to apply, first dry.
*Especially design for boats and cars seat.
*Never allow dust to stick to the surface.
Latest Price
5. S.M - Vinyl and Hard Plastic RefinisherS.M – Vinyl &
Hard Plastic Refinisher
*Your project clean & smooth finishing.
*Multi-purpose usability.
*Easy to apply.
Latest Price

Why You Need Vinyl Dye?

Vinyl is a kind of surface healer. It basically restores the look of your car’s interior or exterior surfaces. However, it not only helps to restore the previous look but also creates a durable layer on the surface.

Therefore, vinyl plays an essential role in the extra protection and new look of the car interior, leather, plastic, and so on. Although the above reasons are the primary reasons, the vinyl dye also has more advantages.

How to Dye Vinyl.

If you want to restore the interior of your old car or any other surface, then the vinyl dye will help you a lot.

In this case, first, you have to choose the best vinyl dye to match the surface that you will paint, then you have to wear a sufficient amount of respirator mask for your own protection, and if possible, wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). In the next steps in this part, we will share step by step guide on how to make your dye vinyl.

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1. Setting Up Your Work Area

Pick the right ventilation spot

Choose the right ventilation area with full preparation for painting. It is most useful if it is outside, such as in the garage or store room.

Cover your work space

Cover the part of the floor with the whole paper where you will work. If you do not have experience in all these matters, then cover five by five feet with paper.

Mask the part you don’t want to dye

Warp well the parts with the painting tape or regular tape or a plastic bag of your surface that you want to keep the original color. Take special care so that the paint color does not go to those parts in any way during painting.

2. Cleaning Your Vinyl

Spray with grease remover

If there is dust or any kind of stains from the surface before dye vinyl, clean them with a grease cutting sprayer. Because grease cleaner cleans in a very strong way.

Scrub car interior

Thoroughly clean the surfaces in your car with a scrub pad. It helps to clean a lot better.

Wipe it down

Now wipe everything well, and make sure there is no wet anywhere. So you don’t wait for the vinyl to dry.

3. Finally Dying Your Vinyl

Read the instructions

We all know that not all spray paint is the same. And each spray is given on the body or an instructions book. There is a guide to everything that is related to the spray, such as how long to shake it or read all these things well first.

Test your spray paint

In the beginning, it may take a long time for the nozzle lock or the paint to come to the pipe ultimately. For this, you can test the spray on any paper when it is completely free, then proceed to the step of the painting.

Apply vinyl prep spray

Then start applying vinyl spray on your surface, and cover the whole area well.

Shake the spray can

Many people forget these important steps, as a result of shaking, the paint in you can come out again with spray. There is also a guide on how to shake in the instructions book about shaking.

Sweep the spray paint

Each layer of paint needs to be thin; it does not crack. If you want to get a thin coating, you have to sweep the spray paint across the surface. After finishing one side, you have to do it again on the other side.

Wait until the entire base coat is dry

In the general field of paint dry, the field takes 5 to 10 minutes, but it depends on the paint and thickness. However, if it’s not, then you can check after 10 minutes with a cup of coffee in hand.

Add more coating

Then paint again at the end of dying. And keep painting until the whole surface can be seen in the new look.

Wait 24 Hours

Wait 24 hours after the process is complete. During this time, it will dye well and become very hard. You can see in the instructions book how long you said to keep it there. But 24 hours is the perfect time for dying vinyl.

Out 5 Best Vinyl Dye Review

Finding the most popular vinyl dye is not rocket science. And you can easily make a purchase of your choice by matching with your surface, But in this case, you must know whether the paint is really good or for your surface, you can buy any one of the following five excellent vinyl dye for sure.

To help you further, we have discussed in detail of each product and shared a complete guide.

1. ColorBond – Refinisher Spray for Leather

ColorBond - Refinisher Spray for Leather

There are many car owners who do not pay attention to the interior side of the car as much as they care about the exterior side. But the main value of a car is the exterior as well as the interior. And for interior accessories, ColorBond Refinisher Spray is one of the best choices.

ColorBond has been designed considering the aspect of the multi surface so that you can use this vinyl dye not only on the surface but also on the car interior, hard plastic, leather, and many other things, including fabric.

The ColorBond ensures you maximum color bonding on your surfaces and car interior accessories. Also, some of the best aspects are that it has a durable coating after painting, which gives your surface a lot of protection.

We like it a lot because of the many more features, including brilliant finishing color and easy to apply.

Key Features:

  • Showroom outlook.
  • Great for Multipurpose works.
  • Creat Durable Coating on the Surfaces.
  • Won’t flake, peel or crack
  • Quick bond within 10 minutes
  • Huge color collection
  • Easy to apply
  • Most of the users complain about the color issue

2. Rust-Oleum – Automotive Fabric & Rustoleum Vinyl Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum - Automotive Fabric & Rustoleum Vinyl Spray Paint

If you are looking for a vinyl dye for multipurpose work, also it uses the car and other purposes. Then Rust-Oleum Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint may be the perfect choice for you.

It has efficient results in the field of multi-surface with the same performance. Also, with maximum quality, if you want to give an immediate shiny look to your car’s interior look, you can go with it.

As we said earlier, it is perfect for painting various surfaces. And its extra coating formula protects car interior exterior surfaces from flaking, cracking.

You can paint anything with a 312g bottle of Rust-Oleum Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint, which can easily paint up to 12 square feet. Its application process is very simple and very fast.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality with Budgets Price.
  • Extra coating Protects your surface from cracking and flaking.
  • Working on Various Surface.
  • Fast Dying
  • Any angle spray technology
  • Its 312g bottle easily covers up to 12aq ft
  • Not great suited for the fabric

3. Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Paint Review

Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Paint Review

The Dupli-Color is a very old Vinyl Spray Paint brand, which is known to many as a trusted brand. One of the best aspects of it is that you will find almost everything you need in it.

With the 11 ounces amount of The Dupli Color Vinyl & Fabric Spray Paints, you can easily cover up to 12 square feet area and paint. So when buying 2 or 3 items, you don’t have to worry before finishing your project.

Its EZ Touch Nozzle for Perfect Professional finishing helps you to work between any angles. It is a perfect vinyl dye for the dashboard, seat, carpet, and door panel.

However, there is no need to add any different formula. Because this vinyl has everything, you need. It is also a pretty budget friendly vinyl dye in terms of price.

Key Features:

  • Easy to store.
  • Smooth Blende with Background.
  • Easy to Painting.
  • EZ touch conical nozzle
  • Flexible Self Priming formula
  • Give you a sizeable amount of spray paint
  • It can’t return

4. White Marine Vinyl Coat – Sem Marine Vinyl Coat Review

White Marine Vinyl Coat - Sem Marine Vinyl Coat Review

If you are looking for a vinyl spray paint that will give you quick results as well as durable coating and vinyl dye, both shining performances, then SEM White Marine Vinyl Dye may be the perfect choice for you.

The SEM vinyl is multi surface vinyl so that you can use it on any surface. It is especially perfect for car surfaces and boat seats.

This incredible formula will give you long lasting performance and, with durable coating performance, perfect finishing.

For better long lasting performance perfect vinyl painting, first, you have to clean all the surfaces of the car well before painting. Then you will get the perfect shining result from the surface after doing vinyl dye.

Be sure to check the price before purchasing. If the price is not that high, it may be a bit higher than other vinyl dye. However, it is the best vinyl dye for seats, leather, plastic, and car interiors.

Key Features:

  • Easy to apply, first dry.
  • Especially design for boats and cars seat.
  • Never allow dust to stick to the surface.
  • After finishing, it bright as a New
  • Multi-Surface Usage
  • Extra protection by the robust coating
  • Not found any critical issue

5. S.M – Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher

S.M - Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher

If you are looking for the best vinyl paint spray for multi purpose spray paint, then S.M Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher is another best choice for you.

You will find many color pick options, from there you can choose as you like, with the help of which you can easily use car leather, carpet, vinyl, plastic and much more.

However, restoring is the best option, rebuilding the surface to new conditions and more protection than before. 

You already know how perfect S.M Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher is to improve the look of your car through its features. Another great feature is the quick-dying features. It takes 90 seconds to dry off, and 10 minutes will continuously stick to the surfaces.

Key features:

  • Your project clean and smooth finishing.
  • Multi-purpose usability.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It is great for leather, vinyl, plastic, and many more
  • No Chances to paint peeling, splitting, cracking off
  • Dry to the touch in 90 minutes and adheres within 10 minutes
  • Most of these customers complain about it a color issue

Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Dye.

Best Vinyl Dye review

Buying vinyl dye is not rocket science. Here are some important things to keep in mind when purchasing. Then you will simply get exactly the products of your choice. This section will help you a lot.

Coverage Area

Coverage area is basically how much space you can cover with a single can. Usually, up to 12 square feet can be covered with a single can.

Take the amount of space you need for your work. Then buy vinyl accordingly. However, we have a suggestion to try to take a little more, like 2 or 3 Ounces.


Especially in the field of Spray Painting, you may have noticed that the Nozzle of the Spray is blocked, and once the spray is blocked, it becomes completely useless.

There will be these issues before the purchase in the field of spray paint; you will check all the issues. EZ Nozzle is perfect for all angles spraying and has less chance of blocking.


Although, vinyl paint’s has specially made for car interior accessories or other purposes use, but you can check it’s suitable for your car or not.

However, if you want to get similar results on all surfaces, then potential vinyl for you.


When you go to buy vinyl dye paint, try not to make it heavy. You will get great results during the spray paint. Try to purchase paints below 15 pounds.

Metallic Formula

If the vinyl dye is composed of the Metallic method, you will get an extra shiny glow compared to other colors, and it helps to glow for a long time.

How to Paint Car Interior Paint

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is the best vinyl dye?

Although we have highlighted all the top level picks in our pick, but even after that, we have the best vinyl pick Dupli Color – Vinyl & Fabric Coating Spray Paints.

2. What kind of paint to use on the car interior?

You can use the same color paint, but you can use another color vinyl paint to give a different look.

3. Can vinyl dyes be heavy?

The Short Answer is No. Usually, vinyl dyes are not heavy.

4. Is it wise to use a car’s vinyl dye to spray paint clothes?

In this case, we will not suggest it. Car vinyl dye is specially made for car seat leather, dashboard, plastic, etc. You can see in the labels for all the vinyl fabrics that the vinyl fabrics are for.

5. Can I use these paints on my broken car’s dashboard?

Yes, you can use it, of course.

But first, you need to fix your broken dashboard. Then spray vinyl paint on it. Notice the result at the end of the finishing.

6. Can I have used these on my dining chair? Which got flexible vinyl coating?

Its shot answer is, “Yes, You can.

Vinyl dyes are specially designed to apply to the vinyl coating. This is why it works wonderfully in your chair.

7. Will it work for the motor hood, which got several cracks?

The Short Answer is “No.”

Although all the vinyl paints we reviewed in this article are suitable for use on multi surfaces, but after applying the motor, you may not get the expected result.

Because when the motor goes to high temperature, it can cause a chemical reaction which can bring another bad result later, so it is reasonable to avoid it.

8. Are these long-lasting?

Yes, of course.

9. Can you use leather dye on vinyl?

Yes, you can.

The Verdict

In this article, we have tried to list the top 5 best vinyl and discuss these vinyl pros and cons; we have also shared a complete guide that has helped you a lot to find a vinyl dye that suits your car. And in the field of knowing the answers to many questions before purchase.

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