7 LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important factors to take into account in a home, although sometimes it goes unnoticed and we don’t pay too much attention. Without major changes in the home, with correct lighting, you will be able to accentuate areas, create atmospheres, highlight textures, and even better, give a feeling of spaciousness. To all this, we include the home lighting ideas we will have a significant saving in the electricity bill.

1. Best LED Light for Living Room

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The living room is the area of ​​the house where we spend most of the time, so it must be cozy, flexible, and comfortable to receive friends and family.

Taking this aspect into account, we will use as the main light a ceiling light or ceiling lamp with a warm light beam to create a cozy atmosphere and we will combine it with spotlights or floor or auxiliary lamps with soft light, placed throughout the space to cover our lighting needs.

In addition, if the lamps have a dimmer switch, we can create a more cozy, warm, and intimate atmosphere whenever we want.

2. Best Lighting for Dining Room

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To illuminate the dining room, the best option is to use a ceiling lamp that goes down on the dining room table (just above the eyes, so as not to dazzle). Depending on the type of table we recommend:

  • Small table: choose a ceiling lamp that hangs right in the center.
  • Large table: decorate it with several pendant lamps or linear lamps along with it.
  • Circular table: opt for a small group of pendant lamps, at various heights for greater visual impact.

Also, you can complete the area with decorative lighting: candles, sconces.

3. LED Lighting for the Kitchen

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To correctly illuminate the kitchen and that we can easily visualize closets and drawers, we will have general luminaires with daylight at least 4,000K (neutral white, cold white, 6000K) is also a good option and other specific ones, such as spotlights embedded.

If you have a corner for breakfast or have an island, put a suspended ceiling lamp in that area. In this way, we will get two environments in the same space.

You can also light up the work area on the counter, with aluminum profiles with led strips installed in the lower part of the high kitchen furniture. You will be able to light up the entire counter without shading yourself while preparing those succulent dishes.

4. Best LED Lights for Bedroom

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The lighting distribution in the bedrooms consists of one or two main overhead lights (depending on the size of the bedroom). In the event that there is a plaster false ceiling, a good option is to illuminate with oriental or asymmetrical recessed spotlights to get a reflection light, and thus you will never project on a person if they are lying in bed. As a light tone, with the LEDs you can choose the color that you like the most.

On the night tables, the most ideal is to accompany with table lamps or apply them to the head.

5. LED Lighting for Bathrooms

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In the bathroom, place sconces on and on both sides of the mirror, so you can see yourself clearly in it and eliminate unwanted shadows.

To improve and expand the lighting in the bathroom, use one or more main spotlights on the ceiling.

In bathrooms, when they have humidity, make sure that the luminaires you install withstand humidity, check the degree of IP protection they have.

6. lighting for the terrace of your home

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If your terrace is covered, use an outdoor hanging lamp or ceiling lights to illuminate it. You can also use fixed lights or lanterns or wall sconces to increase the light.

If your terrace is not closed, then without problems, the same type of led product can be installed taking into account that the luminaire is for outdoor use, check the degree of protection for outdoor use, as we saw in its day.

7. Best LED lighting for your home garden

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In the garden or outside space of the houses it is the most creative area of ​​the house, in terms of types of lighting to use. In this case, it will depend on the use that you are going to give it. For example, you can use spotlights to illuminate a wall or the profile of a beautiful tree that we have.

If you have a swimming pool you can light with submersible Led spotlights, there are many options available for the exterior of your home. I think you love this article LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home

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